Providing quality chiropractic care specializing in auto accident injuries and workers compensation injuries.


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Chiropractor and Fellow American Chiropractic Orthopedics

Hello and welcome to Benassi Chiropractor P.A.
With 20 years of experience and serving the Twin Cities since 1992. We are commitmented to treating ailments such as back, neck, knee, shoulder pain muscle spasm and headaches. Our specialists are highly skilled individuals with the proper training needed to successfully help you with your rehabilitation and therapy.

Preferred provider

Preferred provider for most insurance companies, cash discount if paid at the time of service

Insurance companies

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Select care provider,
    no referral needed
  • Preferred One
  • Health Partners
  • Medica, Medicare participating provider

Symptoms and help

If you experience any of the following symptoms, please give us a call.  You might be surprised what Chiropractic can do for you!

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